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Central Vacuum Installation Services Ottawa –  Residential and Commercial Properties

Central Vacuum Installation Services Ottawa –  Residential and Commercial Properties

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What is central vacuum?

Do you often get annoyed trying to find a spot to store your vacuum? Are you tired of pulling and stretching the vacuum cord as far as you can from the plug to clean a hard-to-reach corner?

It happens to us all, and it is one reason why a lot of homeowners and businesses choose to have a central vacuum cleaner, or a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system is a vacuum cleaner that is installed as a semi-permanent feature of a building or a home. Instead of using a vacuum you pull around, the dirt and grime is vacuumed up through a hose that connects into the wall. This is then sent into a storage container, often located in a closet or the basement.

Using a central vacuum system is easier than using any other regular portable vacuum. You simply take a vacuum hose out of storage and fit it with the brush that you will run along the floor. Then you take the other end of the hose and put it into the wall outlet. Depending on the design of the central vacuum system, putting a hose into the outlet will automatically start the machine, but some require that you turn on an on-off switch that is located on the hose itself. Some also come with wireless functionality to turn the vacuum on.

At this point you vacuum like normal but without having to lug around a vacuum or find outlets or try to reach to certain corners of the home or office.

Central vacuum systems typically come in two main forms. The first is the cyclonic, which do not use filter bags and separate dirt and dust into a bin that can be detached for cleaning. The other type is a filtered system, which uses a filter that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Featured Central Vac System Hide-A-Hose

A Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system will eliminate cord and hose issues you have with a portable vacuum. In addition, you only need to use as much hose as is needed. Another big benefit of the Hide-A-Hose is that you only need one inlet, since the hose will cover such an immense area in your home. You can also install the Hide-A-Hose in any existing home, and it can be retrofitted into existing central vacuum systems.

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Since 1989 Vacuum Guy Inc. has been providing Ottawa and the surrounding areas with central vacuum installations big and small.

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We were the first dealer installing the innovative Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system.

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