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We have been installing and servicing central vacuum systems since 1991

Commercial Services – Central Vacuums

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We have been installing and maintaining commercial central vacuum systems since 1989. Unlike residential, the rules and regulations change drastically depending on the application. We have ample experience working within dozens of various business types; hair salons, veterinary clinics, hotels, restaurants, and just about everything else in between.

Commercial central vacuum systems are easy to use, fast, and convenient for any employee to use without paying for a dedicated cleaning company. They require next to no maintenance and will make sure your commercial space is as clean as possible for your clients.


Commercial Audio and Video Services

In almost any type of modern business you need some form of structured wiring. Whether it’s simple phone and internet to keep your business connected, or full commercial automation to control your entire business with ease. We have the necessary experience and qualifications to complete any of your audio video needs with cost effective solutions that work.

We always use the appropriate wire to ensure fire and health regulations are followed. All necessary safety courses have been completed by our technicians that will be on the job-site.


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Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuums

Hide-A-Hose systems are designed to retract the hose into a system that is hidden in the wall.

MVAC Central Vacuums

MVAC offers top-of-the-line, Canadian-made, high- quality central vacuum systems.

VACUFLO Central Vacuums

VACUFLO has been a trusted name of central vacuum systems since 1948.

BEAM Central Vacuums

BEAM by Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, has been focused solely on central vacuum systems since 1957.

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How Does A Central Vac Work?

The central vacuum system is a great way to minimize clutter and maximize cleaning efficiency in a home or business.With a central vacuum, you don’t have to carry around an appliance while you vacuum, or worry that your vacuum won’t reach to a corner.

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