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Why Do I Need to Get My Central Vacuum Serviced?

When you have a vacuum, you tend not to go out and get it serviced unless it stops working, and even then you usually just buy a new vacuum. So, when you upgrade to a central vac system, you may not be thinking about getting it serviced but it is actually very important that you do. Remember, a central vac, while working like a vacuum, is not your run-of-the-mill vacuum.

Regular maintenance of your central vac system is very important because it will allow your system to run at peak performance.

One of the biggest things that needs to be done, usually once or twice a year, is to have filters cleaned. Many central vac systems come with self-cleaning filters that can extend the time needed in order to clean filters, but you should still have it done professionally to ensure that the quality of air in your home or business is very high.

In addition, the dirt and dust is transported to the storage container in the basement or attic via the pipes and hoses. These pipes and hoses need to be cleaned as well. By keeping those cleaned and free of dust, you can make sure that you are getting the peak efficiency out of your central vac system, while at the same time you are keeping the air in your home and the floors in your home, as clean as possible.

The great thing about a central vac system is that it only needs to be serviced every so often, but at least once a year. By servicing it, you will also keep it running for many years go come.

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How Long Does It Take To Install a Central Vacuum?

How long does it take to install a central vacuum system is one of the top questions we get asked.  When you think about a central vacuum systme going into your home, it may seem like a hugely daunting process.

How Does A Central Vac Work?

The central vacuum system is a great way to minimize clutter and maximize cleaning efficiency in a home or business.With a central vacuum, you don’t have to carry around an appliance while you vacuum, or worry that your vacuum won’t reach to a corner.

What Types of Central Vacuum Systems Are There?

When you think of the central vacuum system, you may think there is only one kind. It has an engine, hose, pipes and it vacuums up dirt and dust. While that may seem like there is all to it, the truth is that there are three distinct types of central vac systems.