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Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System

Do you like the idea of having a central vacuum system, but don’t like the idea of having a hose in the closet you have to drag out every time you want to clean the house?

There is good news then because the Hide-A-Hose is a new technology for the central vacuum system that makes the central vacuum concept even more efficient and enticing.

With a Hide-A-Hose installed, you don’t have to store vacuum hoses because the hoses are pulled back into the wall when you are done vacuuming. This is because the suction from the central vacuum engine in the basement retracts the hose into a system that is hidden in the wall.

A Hide-A-Hose can run for 50 feet, and be large enough to clean about 2,500 square feet of home space.

One of the biggest benefits of having a Hide-A-Hose system is that you are not carrying the hose around when you are done with it, which won’t spread the dust and dirt from the hose to the home after you have finished cleaning it. Instead, it is all pulled back into the wall and is out of sight and out of mind.

A Hide-A-Hose can be installed with any central vacuum system and it is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning experience. With a Hide-A-Hose, once the cleaning is done, you put everything away and you don’t have to worry about hoses hanging in closets, or dust falling out as you carry it to its storage space.

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New From Hide-A-Hose

The central vacuum system has not changed much over the years. There is always the core in a storage space, sucking up all the dirt and dust. There are the hoses and brushes and inlets, and those haven’t changed too much. There has been one unique change though, and it is one that makes the central vacuum system even more desirable to have in your home. It is the Hide-A-Hose system, and it frees up your storage spaces, and it makes cleaning your home a snap.

There has been one unique change with central vacuum systems over the years

The Hide-A-Hose system features a retractable hose that goes back into the inlet when not being used. The suction of the system will retract the hose, so you don’t have to feed it back into the wall.

A typical Hide-A-Hose can stretch to as much as 50 feet and clean a 2,500 square-foot home with ease. No worrying about whether your vacuum will reach those corners in the living room.

A Hide-A-Hose will eliminate cord and hose issues you have with a portable vacuum. In addition, you only need to use as much hose as is needed.

Hide-A-Hose can be installed in new construction and existing homes

Another big benefit of the Hide-A-Hose is that you also only need one inlet, since the hose will cover such an immense area in your home. You can also install the Hide-A-Hose in any existing home, and it can be retrofitted into existing central vacuum systems.

If you don’t want to deal with electrical cords not allowing you to reach everywhere with your portable vacuum, or having hoses hanging in your storage area for your central vacuum system, then the Hide-A-Hose is a perfect option. Add in the fact you only need to have one inlet, and you have the perfect system for someone who wants more efficient cleaning in their home or business.

Installing Hide-A-Hose in New Construction

Installing Hide-A-Hose in Existing Construction

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