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BEAM QS Series 325A Central Vac

Designed for homes, townhomes and condominiums where storage space is at a premium, this compact, 550-airwatt power unit offers a powerful clean for up to 3,500 square feet.

The BEAM central vacuum Serenity Series features the Quiet Pak™ sound insulation system, and makes BEAM the quietest central vacuum in the industry.

It is perfect for garage or basement use because it comes with a convenient utility valve that lets you plug the hose directly into the utility inlet on the power unit. So, you can vacuum out your car or clean your basement or garage easily. And you’ll never need to clean your filter, because the Gore Self Cleaning Filter cleans itself every time you turn your vacuum off.
No matter what your home size, there is a BEAM Serenity that will fit your cleaning needs perfectly.


  • 550 to 640 air watts of power to clean 3,500 to 12,000 square feet.
  • The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet, low-maintenance operation.
  • The Twist-Lock bucket is easy to remove, empty and replace.


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BEAM 30′ Rugmaster Set

BEAM 30′ Rugmaster Set

The BEAM Rugmaster comes with a host of features that make your life easier. The Rugmaster lets you reduce or increase the suction by simply moving the lever up from low to high.

BEAM QS Series 275A

BEAM QS Series 275A

The BEAM QS 275A central vacuum system has a durable steel body, with a metallic silver finish and, hybrid-powder coating so that your system will stand the test of time and look good for years to come.

BEAM Deluxe Hose Set

BEAM Deluxe Hose Set

With the BEAM Deluxe Hose Set, vacuuming is light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course. Move easily from task to task, level to level, floor to ceiling, and upstairs, with BEAM’s lightweight hoses and ergonomic tools.

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