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Choosing The Right Attachment Kit

When you decide to have a central vacuum system setup in your home, one of the biggest considerations is not the length of hose you need, or placement of the inlets, but the attachments you use. Without attachments, a vacuum system, even the most advanced one, won’t do much for you. Here are five tips to remember when choosing your attachment kit for your home.


If you have any pets, then you want to make sure you get a pet tool kit for your central vacuum system. This is not only because it will help get the hair from pets in hard to reach places, but it will also allow you to actually groom your pet. You can groom and clean your pet using a central vacuum system when you have the pet tools for it.


If you worry about damage to your walls or furniture when you are pulling on the hose as you vacuum, you can get hose socks. Hose socks are a simple soft material that covers the hose and it protects your walls and other items in your home. It should be noted that a hose sock may not work with a Hide-A-Hose.


If you have a lot of cloth furniture, make sure you choose an attachment kit that includes an accessory for getting the hair, dirt and grime off that furniture. The last thing you want is to vacuum the entire house only to realize the chairs are covered in hair.


Look around your home and determine if you have a mixture of different types of flooring, then you should have an attachment kit that reflects that. It is important that you make sure you have a hardwood accessory for hardwood floors, a carpet accessory and a tile accessory as each floor type will need an attachment that is meant to be used on it.


Lastly, always make sure your attachment kit allows you to reach the hard to reach places. You need a thin attachment for getting in corners and under furniture, an attachment for getting that pesky fan above your head and more.

The right attachment kit can make cleaning your home much easier and much more efficient.

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BEAM 30′ Rugmaster Set

The BEAM Rugmaster comes with a host of features that make your life easier. The Rugmaster lets you reduce or increase the suction by simply moving the lever up from low to high.

BEAM QS Series 275A

The BEAM QS 275A central vacuum system has a durable steel body, with a metallic silver finish and, hybrid-powder coating so that your system will stand the test of time and look good for years to come.

BEAM Deluxe Hose Set

With the BEAM Deluxe Hose Set, vacuuming is light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course. Move easily from task to task, level to level, floor to ceiling, and upstairs, with BEAM’s lightweight hoses and ergonomic tools.

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